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Cataract Surgery - Post-operative Instructions

First day after surgery

  • Leave plastic shield in place until Dr. DeBry sees you the day after surgery.
  • Use Tylenol to help with pain after surgery (650-1000 mg every 4 hours as needed).
  • Start using the drops every 2-3 hours until bedtime.
  • If you experience severe eye pain, headache, nausea or vomiting in the first 24 hours after surgery please call the office, even if it is very late at night.
  • No bending or lifting objects over 20 pounds, keep activity to a low level.

First week after surgery

  • Avoid rubbing the eye that has been operated on.
  • Put plastic shield over the eye at night (no gauze underneath) for the first 3 nights
  • Wear glasses or sunglasses during the day for protection.
  • Resume low-to-moderate activity; avoid frequent bending or lifting heavy objects.
  • Call immediately with increasing redness, pain, or worsening vision.

Second week after surgery

  • Resume normal activity.
  • Use medications as directed.
  • Call immediately with increasing redness, pain, or worsening vision.


You will be given three medications.  An antibiotic ( Vigamox or Zymar ) to prevent infection, Pred Forte ( Prednisolone ) and Acular , which help control inflammation in the eye.  After surgery use the drops according to the schedule below.

First Week

  • Antibiotic - 4 times daily (at meals and bedtime)
  • Prednisolone - 4 times daily
  • Acular - 4 times daily

Second Week

  • Antibiotic - stop 7 days after surgery
  • Prednisolone - 3 times daily
  • Acular - 4 times daily

Third Week

  • Prednisolone - 2 times daily
  • Acular - 4 times daily

Fourth Week

  • Acular - 4 times daily - stop after 4 weeks.
  • Prednisolone - 1 time daily. Discontinue when the bottle runs out or you have completed one week of once daily application.
  • Gently shake Prednisolone (milky drop) for a few seconds before application.
  • Close eye for 2-3 minutes after putting in the drop
  • Wait at least 5 minutes between drops




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